Secondhand paragliding equipment: These items will be usually from our customers who have upgraded to another product and part exchanged the ones that they had. Here you will also find items that we are selling on behalf of customers. We charge a flat fee of 10% of the sale value of the item if it sells, and listing on this page is free. If you would like to list on this page and benefit from our marketing, just drop us a message with the details and it will be uploaded for you. If it sells, we’ll pass the details on to you with our invoice.

Clearance items: Some of the clearance items will be brand new end of line equipment usually direct from the factories and offer massive savings over the price of new. These items will be extremely limited and often a single item only will be available, so you will need to move quickly if it is of interest to you.

Advance Sigma 8 – SOLD

  • Manufacturer: – Advance
  • Model: – Sigma 8
  • Size: – 27
  • Pilot Weight Range: – 85-110kg
  • Colour: – mainly grey with white and purple features
  • Date of manufacture: – late in 2011
  • Logged Airtime: – 100hrs
  • Condition: – excellent
  • Rucksack included: – yes, comfort pack
  • Extras: – none
  • Price: – £750
  • Contact: – Paraventure 07775865095

Description: – This has just come in from a customer as a part exchange. The condition is excellent and unmarked. The fabric is still crispy and the wing is not particularly dirty either. Porosity is either zero or close to zero. The risers and brake handles are very clean as you can see in the pictures. The glider is in exceptional condition for its age as stated and this will be appreciated when viewed. A great glider and a good deal for the cross-country pilot.

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  • Manufacturer: – skywalk
  • Model: – Tequila 4
  • Size: – Small
  • Certification: – low end ENb
  • Pilot Weight Range: – 70-95kg
  • Colour: – lime green/black/white/grey
  • Date of manufacture: – 30/06/2016
  • Logged Airtime: – 67
  • Condition: – excellent
  • Rucksack included: – yes
  • Extras: – stuff sack, manual
  • New Price: – £2,999.00
  • Price: – £1295
  • Contact: – Paraventure Airsports

Description: – Another one that came in as a part exchange from a customer. I am only looking at getting back what was paid hence the price. I value the glider at more than this, maybe around £1600. Absolutely perfect for a beginner who wants a little more than the offerings in ENa. A massive saving on a wing that is still as good as new.

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Paratech P28 – SOLD

  • Manufacturer: – Paratech
  • Model: – P28
  • Size: – ML
  • Certification: – low end ENb
  • Pilot Weight Range: – 85-110kg all up
  • Colour: – orange/white/blue/grey
  • Date of Manufacture: – ?
  • Logged Airtime: – see description
  • Condition: – good, very little porosity, some small patches covering pin holes
  • Rucksack included: – no
  • Extras: – none
  • New Price: – €2800
  • Selling Price: – £495
  • Contact: – Paraventure Airsports

Description: – This glider has come in as a part exchange and as it turns out, I actually sold this at the end of last year. At that time, it was immaculate and even though it had been in the school for a number of years, it was rarely used with low airtime at probably 50hrs max. Its picked up a few 1p piece size patches since then (covering pin holes by the look of it, which are usually unnecessary) but the fabric is still very sound and of a very low porosity, meaning that there are years of life left in it. The P28 is an excellent beginner wing being simple to fly and ground handle as well as being very, very stable. One huge advantage of Paratech gliders is that they always used Dynema to manufacture the lines. This means that they tend to last the life of the glider and would only need replacing if damaged. So overall, a good cheap wing for someone starting the sport.

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Gradient Bright Classic -SOLD

  • Manufacturer: – Gradient
  • Model: – Bright Classic
  • Size: – 28
  • Certification: – DHV1
  • Pilot Weight Range: – 90-110kg
  • Colour: – Red/White/Grey
  • Date of Manufacture: – ?
  • Logged Airtime: – ?
  • Condition: – Good for age
  • Rucksack included: – no
  • Extras: – none
  • New Price: – €2450
  • Selling Price: – £295
  • Contact: – Paraventure Airsports

Description: – The Gradient Bright Classic was made for a number of years. There is no date on the wing so can’t confirm exactly when it was constructed. Realistically, I’d say its probably around ten years old. It is however in good clean condition with no repairs or damage. Porosity ranges from average to good depending on which part of the wing is tested. The Bright is a beginner paraglider so very easy to launch and fly. Just came in as a part exchange so being sold at a reduced price due to lack of report which is always advised for wings over 3 years of age. Excellent for ground handling or as a first wing.

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