The Reversible Paragliding Harness


What is the reversible paragliding harness?:

The reversible paragliding harness for a compact lightweight equipment package. A few years ago, pilots started to ask if they could get a harness that had a built in carrying sack so all that they would need to do to prepare for a flight was to get the paraglider out of the bag, then turn this bag inside out to reveal the harness. With no bag to fold and pack, take off could be faster and the overall package lighter in total. The manufacturers listened and now there are some great designs available.

What kind of pilot is the reversible paragliding harness designed for?:

Reversible paragliding harnesses are for the pilot that wants a compact lightweight package. These are excellent for travelling as the overall size of the rucksack does tend to be smaller than a typical paraglider and harness contained inside a separate rucksack. They do however often require accurate packing of the paraglider to fit the whole lot into the harness before you can zip up the bag.

How heavy are these harnesses?:

They can be extremely light; reversible paragliding harnesses can found down to under 3kg. Saying that though, a standard lightweight harness when matched to a lightweight rucksack can be the same or even lighter than some of the reversible’s that are currently available. A reversible will still give you the most compact package out of all of the harness options.

Do I need any special experience to use these harnesses?:

No more than with a standard harness but you will need to learn how to reverse it when needed and how to pack your glider well, as some of the rucksacks are very small when the harness is turned inside out.

How much protection do they offer?:

Most of the reversible paragliding harnesses will be fitted with the self-inflating back protection type as the pre inflated foam types are just not compatible with this sort of harness before of their size. Some harnesses also feature a thin wire structure that keeps the protection in an open position whilst waiting for the air pressure to build.

Any questions?:

As always, it is encouraged that you ask a question if you need clarification on anything that is written above using the form at the bottom of the page. If something is puzzling you, it is guaranteed that you will not be on your own. By putting your questions on this page, other pilots will also be able to learn.

Free Rescue Parachute Fitting

We offer a free parachute fitment with every new harness to save you having to do it. Some new harnesses require that you use the deployment bag that it is supplied with, so your rescue parachute will need to be removed from the one you currently have. If you would like us to do this for you, just post down your rescue parachute with connector link and send a message letting us know. If you do, we’ll hold onto your new harness until then and send it back to you by return post, free of charge.

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Here to Help

I have been involved in paragliding full time since the very beginning of the sport in the UK. I have been instructing full time since 1993 until 2017 and available to help you with advice whenever needed. Helping paragliding pilots new or old is my way of putting back into the sport which has given me such incredible experiences all over the world and I want you to be able to share in that. If you need any help, just write in the chat box found on this site and I’ll get back to you either immediately or when I’m back in the office.

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