Swing Nyos ˙


  • Development of the popular Nexus
  • Performance orientated cross country machine
  • 3D computer shaping to reduce cell billow
  • Trailing edge mini ribs
  • Swings unique C-Bridge riser system
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Swing Nyos

The Swing Nyos is a development of the popular Nexus and is a very interesting proposition in a category of very similar paragliders. The Swing Nyo is a performance orientated cross country machine, designed to be able to thermal at the limit of efficiency in the high ENb category. With a combination of 3D computer shaping to reduce cell billow to the minimum, together with trailing edge mini ribs, the Swing Nyos features a beautifully clean sail. The Swing Nyo also is supplied with Swings unique C-Bridge riser system that offers an improved level of performance and safety when gliding hands up or when accelerating on the speed bar. Some huge cross country flights have already been achieved by a few pilots together with breaking some local records in the process. The Swing Nyos is an uncompromising cross country paraglider that promises to deliver.

The Swing Nyos is available now. Feel free to order the Swing Nyos by adding your size and colour choice with any notes during checkout. If you would like clarification of delivery times, available colours and sizes or anything else before committing further, you are welcome to call or simply drop us an email. If you are wondering if the Swing Nyos is suitable for your abilities and your type of flying, we will be pleased to offer you unbiased advice based on almost thirty years of experience in the sports of paragliding and paramotoring.

Summary: Swing Nyos. Swing’s performance glider for the sports pilot and the usual outstanding build quality. The Swing Nyos is the ideal XC weapon for the pilot that wants to cover ground in the shortest time possible whilst having an excellent level of passive security.


Manufacturers Own Info

When pilots achieve personal best performances, the main reason is of course the pilot does the right thing on the right day. It is equally important that the pilot and the gear used are in perfect harmony, so that the pilot is able to focus fully on the task at hand.

When SWING developed the NEXUS, it devised a completely new overall concept, which gives top priority to stability, manageability and comfort during flight. During the 2015 cross-country season, our team pilots demonstrated by their outstanding performances what is possible with this kind of wing, which allows the pilot total concentration.

The NEXUS has been developed further to create the NYOS for EN-B pilots. It is a performance-oriented wing, which perfects the new feeling in flight: comfort, stability and manageability, combined with lively handling and superior climbing in thermals.

Let the NYOS take you to a whole new series of personal bests!

Flying characteristics and performance

Pilots have practically the same feeling when flying the NYOS as they do with its “big brother”, the NEXUS. The performance data is nearly identical as well. At the same time, the NYOS is more subdued and easy to control in rough conditions.

Turn behaviour

Its turn behaviour is very precise, with the bank angle able to be altered without any difficulty. The NYOS has no tendency to sink and nor does it drop out of the turning radius in turbulences. The extremely stable wing tips require little additional pilot input and allow narrow or flat centering techniques without any problem. Overall our team describes the balances between damping, stability and turn behaviour as ideal.

3D-shaping in the top surface for targeted tension control is now standard practice in paraglider design. However, corresponding 3D-shaping in the bottom surface is needed to achieve the best possible result, because the tension from one surface affects the other.

For the first time with the NYOS the ballooning at the trailing edge is reduced by a combination of 3D-shaping and mini ribs. For increasing glide performance up to now the last 20% of chord of wing has been flattened using mini ribs only. But the system of a lot of ribs give the perfect chance for an additional 3D-shaping. This triple 3D-shaping on the NYOS gives a noticeable gain of stability and performance and an aerodynamically perfect trailing edge.

C-BRIDGE for perfect pitch control and greater performance: Performance-oriented flying means flying fast.This is especially the case in competitions. The need to fly as fast as possible in competition has given rise to a special flying technique on 2-liner-competition wings: using the rearmost main lines (B- or C-level), instead of the brakes, to stabilize the canopy while using the speed bar. NEXUS as well as NYOS feature this special type for steering: the C-BRIDGE. It connects the tops of the split C-risers with a bar and allows the pilot to react to imminent problems by briefly pulling down both C-risers. But the C-BRIDGE can do much more. By carefully activating the C-BRIDGE accented at the outside it allows steering without any disruptive compromises in performance or centering week thermals most effectively.

Mini-ribs with internal seams for improved handling both on the ground and during flight 

For the first time the mini ribs at the trailing edge of the NYOS have been closed inside the canopy. So we have no longer external seams and so there aren’t any threads which could get caught on the ground and be pulled out during launch. Adaptive profile with optimised risers for flying at speed (B preloading: profile re-shaping for greater stability) The speed bar attached at the B-level preloads it when activated and after that the A-level follows. This creates a profile which is particularly stable and better suited for flying at speed, especially when partially accelerated. The effect is comparable with that of a shark-nose profile, but without the uneven edge on the bottom surface which reduces performance.

  • High quality lightweight construction through appropriate choice of materials and manufacturing
  • For this reason, we use low-stretch unsheathed and sheathed Technora lines in a mix for the RACE line set of NYOS. All together all lines of the NYOS measure hardly one finger wide.
  • the unsheathed lines have a short protecting covering at the lines shackles
  • additonally we reinforce the cut edges of the fabrics used at the V-tapes and load-bearing tapes. The ends of the nylon rods in the nose are also reinforced and nevertheless replaceable easily.
  • the risers are equipped with high-quality HARKEN rolls for an easy and smoothly operating of the speed bar. The gathering system at the brake lines is made by high-grade steel rings and garantuees the prezise handling of NYOS
  • Material with a stronger coating is used for the areas where aging as a result UV exposure is particularly relevant (top surface, leading edge).
  • all these things make the NYOS extemely durable and at the same time surprisingly light-weight.

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Professional Reviews

Reproduced with the kind permission of Dust of the Universe


After test flying the Nexus from Swing, here’s the new EN-B Nyos in M size for a test flight. The NYOS has a mix of sheathed and unsheathed lines with an average width comparing to other B’s . The construction is neat and its what you would expect from a 2016 glider, to the last detail. The NYOS with it’s 5.8 aspect ratio is in my opinion the best looking B glider to date. It doesn’t really look like a B glider and my friends frequently asked me if it’s a new C glider. I flew the Nyos M (80-102) from 92 to 98 all up. Launching the Nyos is quite easy and smooth with no hard point or even any surge. At both loadings the NYOS M has a relatively medium to short brake travel with a firm pressure rather than a light one. All that with a fairly nice agility resembling the Nexus way to turn into thermals. The NYOS is tuned for XC use rather than a freestyle use. But the agility is moderate to good ! In the same days flying it, i was top landing and switching to other B gliders (Eden 6, Mentor 4) in order to feel better what glider can offer the most in the conditions of each day, not to mention my flying friends who were also helping on those gliders. After some flying days i can firmly confirm that the NYOS is a very comfortable glider, that offers sweet and relaxed flights like sitting on a VIP luxury seat and people all over are taking care that you are not being disturbed ! Smile! Well that’s exactly how i can describe the feeling under it !

The climb rate in very weak conditions (0.5 m/s) is not the strongest point of the NYOS, but i felt its just a slight step over the NEXUS in that matter. It hovers a bit and the very comfy leading edge is like a Buddhist monk in a meditation process…Nothing will bother him, without the slightest bite in those very weak lifts. As soon as the thermals are well homogeneous (+1m/s), the NYOS will climb like any other B around and even if the lift gets punchy , it might get upward quicker ! Gliding power ! After test flying the NYOS, i really don’t know what to believe anymore …Its seems to me, like we are swimming in the marketing river of today’s hype and tech stories…
Shark nose…No shark nose…Thin lines all over…Thin Dyneema lines…or no…pure 3 liner or no…I’m really puzzled !

After many glide attempt with the company of the well known Mentor 4, my friends eyebrows are mine were exceeding our foreheads!
Considering that the NYOS doesn’t have a Cleopatra nose, and it’s lines are thicker than the M4 ones, with 3.5 line attachment to the under-surface, and it looks quite robust in construction …Believe me, I have seen a lot of B’s… !
The NYOS is faster at trim speed than the M4 S by 1 km/h , similarly loaded, or even if lightly less loaded (+0.5 km/h ) !
The glide at trim is very similar, the glide at 52 is quite similar…the top speed of the NYOS is 2 km faster…

It looks like the NYOS strengths in glide is the pitch movement ‘self’ control on glides…Cannot say it’s a floater, but a real weapon in compensating the movements in turbulent air, and staying focus on the way ahead!
The speed bar has a moderate pressure, and stepping on it gave me the feeling like when I close the door behind me after coming from a loud party. I like that silence ! Smooth ride in a limousine !
Big ears are easy to induce, they are stable with or without bar and quite efficient.They don’t open by themselves but with a small dab on the brakes they reopen very fast.

Reviews will always be reviews…There will always be positive and negative points on each new glider, no matter what…It depend mainly on the reviewer personal opinion and taste. It’s up to you the pilot to feel if those written words apply to your skills and flying sites.
If the NYOS would be slightly more efficient in weak conditions…Hmmm
For sure the NYOS is and will be SWING biggest success to date, The NYOS is ‘THE’ glider for flying in the strong Alps with a big XC potential for the good level of the B class pilots.
What made me smile:
Glide angle at trim and accelerated
Smooth ride in turbulence
Smooth ride at bar
Speed at trim and accelerated
Easy to fly for a 5.8 ar glider
Beautiful looking glider

What made me Grrrr  😉  :
– The climb in very weak thermals (-0.5 m/s)



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