Swing Connect Evo ˙


  • Alpine Back Pack System by Deuter
  • Aluminium X-frame system with curved profile
  • Anatomic hip belt, with bilaminate foam
  • Optimized geometry, which allows easier entry into the harness after take-off
  • In-flight turbulence dampening
  • Air flow independent airbag for back protection



Swing Connect Reverse EVO

One of the top reversible harnesses available. When Swing was designing this harness, they decided to use the expertise of a rucksack manufacturer rather than trying to reinvent the wheel themselves. This has resulted in an excellent product that is very easy and comfortable to carry as a rucksack as well as flying when converted into a harness. If you plan to do more than average hiking with your equipment then the Swing Connect Reversible EVO is the harness for you.

The Swing Connect Reversible EVO is available now from Paraventure Airsports. Feel free to order this item by adding your size with any notes during checkout. Alternatively you are welcome to call with any questions that you may have about the Swing Connect Reversible. EVO

Summary: Swing Connect Reversible EVO. One of the most thought out reversible harnesses on the market and exceptionally comfortable to carry over a long distance.

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Swing Connect Reversible EVO



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