Skywalk Spice ˙


  • The lightweight version of the Cayenne 5
  • 25% less in weight
  • Easier to launch in zero winds
  • Right at the top of the ENc category
  • Designed to be equally efficient in turns and on glide
  • Shark Nose design for stability at speed
  • 3 line design to reduce drag
  • 69 cells
  • Efficient accelerator system
  • Skywalk Jetflaps for lower stall speeds
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Skywalk Spice

The lightweight version of the high-performance ENc Cayenne 5, the Skywalk Spice is around 25% less in weight. As with all glider lightweight versions, the Skywalk Spice is more responsive to pilot input and easier to launch in zero winds.

The Skywalk Spice like the Skywalk Cayenne 5 is right at the top of the ENc category so is aimed squarely at experienced cross country pilots looking for an edge. Designed to be efficient in turns and on glide, the performance that is delivered is more than enough for the job. As with a lot of gliders now, the Skywalk Spice includes shark nose design for stability at speed and is a 3 line design to reduce drag to a minimum. With 69 cells, the Skywalk Spice is a state of the art machine with an efficient accelerator system that will enable the pilot to exploit the entire speed range of the glider. The Skywalk Spice together with a handful of other gliders is the current pinnacle of the ENc category.

The Skywalk Spice is available now. Feel free to order the Skywalk Spice by adding your size and colour choice with any notes during checkout. If you would like clarification of delivery times, available colours and sizes or anything else before committing further, you are welcome to call or simply drop us an email. If you are wondering if the Skywalk Spice is suitable for your abilities and your type of flying, we will be pleased to offer you unbiased advice based on almost thirty years of experience in the sports of paragliding and paramotoring.

Summary: Skywalk Spice. The lightweight version of the ENc Cayenne 5. Lightweight top performer

Manufacturers Own Info

Skywalk Spice

Performance built light.

With the SPICE, we have created a sports class glider that combines the performance of the CAYENNE with the weight of a hike&fly glider. It is made for XC pilots who spend a lot of time in the mountains and in the air. We selected materials that are perfectly tuned to the demands of XC pilots who like to seek out launch sites away from the mainstream: the material combination used is substantially lighter. When flown together with the optional Dyneema risers that sit well in your hands, weight reduction over the CAYENNE is about 25 percent.
The SPICE interprets the CAYENNE recipe in a new way: with lightweight ingredients!
Like the CAYENNE, the SPICE has short brake line travel that turns every control input into immediate altitude gains. It has plenty of reserve energy to let you adjust your turning radius and bank angle without losing speed. Thanks to minor trim adjustments, the SPICE flies more directly, which is particularly noticeable in the new size XXS with a takeoff weight range of 60-85kg. Like the CAYENNE, the SPICE flies as if it were on rails and demonstrates an impressive resistance to collapses, even at high speeds. The smooth speed system reveals its full performance potential.
The SPICE’s launch behaviour is like that of a hike&fly glider. This is due to the low weight of the canopy that kites neatly even in challenging conditions, letting the pilot lift off early.
Like the CAYENNE, the SPICE is positioned as an EN/LTF-C performance glider. Pilots who want to tap into the full potential of this sports class glider should be well versed in active flying and have the appropriate flying experience. When flown by an experienced hand, the SPICE’s high stability and excellent handling offer the ultimate experience in strong thermals and fast glides through turbulent air.
Skywalk Spice Skywalk Spice Skywalk Spice Skywalk Spice specs
Professional Reviews

Reproduced with the kind permission of Dust of the Universe


Skywalk Spice XS 

After test flying the Cayenne 5 here’s the light version, the Spice. I flew the Spice at 91 all up with a woody valley rated 6 . The material used on the Spice is quite delicate resembling the LM6 cloth. Thin rises with a complete set of unsheathed lines. The Spice with its light cloth is easier and faster to launch than the C5 especially in low wind take offs.

I have flown the Spice in multiple sites from difficult and turbulent conditions to average thermals with the company of the Cayenne 5 which let me to draw accurate conclusions on behaviour and performance. The brake pressure on the Spice is moderate to light, less than the LM6 pressure and close enough to the C5 XS but with a slightly less direct feel. The Spice is for sure an agile glider, that gave me some flying pleasure. May be just only 5 % less than the C5 XS in direct feel and agility for the same loadings! Flying it in turbulence gave me the impression that it has a slightly more neutral pitch or slightly pitch back sometimes than the C5 XS i had earlier for the test.

I would say that the Spice in XS size is slightly more comfortable than the C5 in XS size for the same loadings in moderate thermals.
That doesn’t mean that it’s an entry C glider. The Spice still needs more active piloting than the Alpina 2 in strong conditions. The climb rate of the Spice XS loaded at 91 compared to the C5 S loaded at 99 is quite close. In very weak climb (0.5 m/s ) the C5 S will have the edge in surfing upward those tiny lifts. At trim speed the Spice XS (75-95) flown at 91 is slightly slower (-0.25 km/h) than a Cayenne 5 S (85-105) at 99 all up. The glide at trim and accelerated is very close to the C5 which puts the Spice also as one of the best C performers for the light category. The speed bar has a moderate to light pressure. The ability to control the pitch with the C risers is efficient in moderate turbulence.

Very small ears are stable but not efficient. Big ears are unstable. Pulling the B3, is stable. It gave me -2.5 m/s with full bar and the reopening is super fast.
Pulling the C3 with a slight bar is little more delicate and has also the same efficiency as pulling the B3’s. Wing overs are super big and a joy to make.A playful glider for sure! The Spice has a low stall speed and it’s efficient to top land accurately in narrow spaces. It stalls below the hip with a small warning sign which is easy to avoid for the keen C pilot. The top speed with pulleys overlapping, over a 1 km run is 10 km/h over trim on the Spice XS size at 91 all up at 1000 ASL.

Conclusion: I had a fun time test flying the Spice. The agility and the energy are good for the C category coupled with top performance. The feel under it is slightly mellower than the C5 XS in moderate thermals. In strong thermals and turbulence, it needs the same level of piloting as the C5 XS with a similar behaviour.  My only regret is the pitch back upon entering thermals on the Spice which wasn’t felt on the excellent Cayenne 5 XS or S i have flown…For sure it feels differently tuned! I’m sure that many pilots will appreciate the overall feel and potential of this light, top performant C machine.



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