Skywalk Range Air


  • One of the lightest pod harnesses available
  • Starting weight of only 1.9kg
  • Seatboardless design
  • Inflatable back protection system
  • 80L of storage
  • Incredibly small packed size


Skywalk Range Air

The Skywalk Range Air is one of the lightest pod harnesses available today but still with LTF certification. Starting at a weight of only 1.9kg, the Skywalk Range Air is designed for the experienced cross country and bivi pilot looking to keep their flying machine weight to an absolute minimum whilst still retaining all the benefits of using a pod harness. The harness is of the seatboardless design that is slowly becoming the norm for these lightweight designs, offering incredible comfort with simplicity. The back protection system is of the inflatable type with an air scoop on each side which is held open and in place by Rigid Foil, as used in the canopies from Skywalk. Wind tunnel developed in Germany, the tail of the harness reduces drag and offers 80L of storage in a separate container which adds to the two side pockets and front cockpit container, which doubles as a flight deck. Finally, the Skywalk Range Air packs to an incredibly small size giving the pilot plenty of options as far as the rucksack size is concerned.

Summary: Skywalk Range Air. An incredibly lightweight pod harness designed with the Red Bull X-Alps race in mind. The small size comes in at under 2kg and the medium just over. Fully featured and tiny packed size.

Manufacturers Own Info

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Skywalk Website


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