Skywalk Cult 4


  • Standard all-rounder paragliding harness
  • Comfortable
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight and slim profile
  • Mousse bag back protection combined with side hip protectors
  • Under seat rescue container
  • Large storage and side pockets
  • Load spreading frame for perfect pressure distribution
  • Adjustable back length
  • Safety buckle sliders to prevent accidental openings


Skywalk Cult 4

The Skywalk Cult 4 is the new standard all-rounder paragliding harness from the world class German manufacturer. The Skywalk Cult 4 is designed from the ground up to be comfortable, simple to use, lightweight and with a slim profile, offering minimum airflow resistance to help maintain the glide performance of your paraglider. Protection of the pilots back is ensured with the usual mousse bag but combined with side hip protectors. The rescue container is fitted under the seat as is very popular today and there is large storage in the back of the harness. There is extra storage in the side pockets for snacks and cameras etc. The Skywalk Cult 4 is quite different to most of the other harnesses on the market because it contains a load spreading frame for perfect pressure distribution together with an adjustable back length. This feature gives a huge amount of adjustment so is perfect for the pilot who never seems to be able to get the length of the harness as perfect as they would like. If you have this problem, the Skywalk Cult 4 could be what you are looking for.

Feedback in the air can be tuned perfectly with the adjustable damping straps. Safety is further enhanced with the sliders that cover the buckles which prevent any accidental openings. The Skywalk Cult 4 is comfortable on the ground as well as in the air and very easy to sit back into after takeoff, thanks to the pivoting straps. Finally, if you were so unlucky as to land in a tree, the harness features SAR loops to make pilot recovery safer and easier. The Skywalk Cult 4 is a great all round harness and at around 4kg helps to maintain a low total packed weight.

Summary: Skywalk Cult 4. The do it all standard harness for all pilots from beginners to cross country hounds. Our full guide to standard harnesses can be read here.

Manufacturers Own Info

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