Parajet Volution 3 (V3)


  • Easy to take with you wherever you go
  • The ‘all terrain’ paramotor
  • Aircraft grade aluminium
  • Handmade craftsmanship
  • 4-part aerofoil cage
  • Great strength and rigidity
  • Weight shift mid/low hang points for maximum control
  • Encapsulated pivot arms for your piece of mind
  • Extra large aerodynamic fuel tank for long distance flying
  • Huge range of engines for you to spec your perfect machine







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Parajet Volution 3 (V3)

The latest version of the Parajet Volution series that started all the way back in 2007. The amount of work that goes into the construction of one of these machines is staggering. The effort that is put in to construct a Parajet Volution 3, reflects perfectly on the strength of the finished item. With the full range of engines available, a pilot can purchase an immensely tough unit with the perfect amount of power required. The Parajet Volution 3 is the heaviest Parajet of the range but by far the toughest, even able to withstand the training environment. It will forgive you if you make a mistake and end up on your butt. Propellers are expensive and less likely to be damaged with the Parajet V3. The Parajet Volution 3 can be broken down in seconds for transport. The frame breaks down into quarters leaving just the chassis and engine so will still fit in the boot of a small car. In fact, the Parajet V3 is the fastest paramotor in the range to assemble and breakdown. The Falco paratrike has been exclusively designed to take the Parajet Volution 3 making this paramotor extremely versatile. Much more information is available about the V3 and other Parajets here.

Summary: Parajet Volution 3 (V3). A well proven design with the usual Parajet build quality and a great choice or engines to tailor the perfect unit for the pilot. Read our paramotor buyers guide for more information on choosing the right machine for you.

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Top 80, Thor 250, Thor 250 Elec Start, Thor 200 Elec Start, Thor 200, Thor 190 Elec Start, Thor 190 Clutch, Thor 190 Light, Thor 130, Thor 80, Moster 185 Plus Clutch, Moster 185 Classic