Ozone Wisp


  • Lightweight tandem
  • share the load!
  • Trimmer risers
  • Optional lightweight risers
  • Great passive stability
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Ozone Wisp

The Ozone Wisp is a 38m tandem paraglider weighing in at an incredible 4.4kg. A long walk into the flying site with heavy tandem equipment is a pain and Ozone has solved the issue. At the time of release, the Wisp is the worlds lightest certified double surface tandem paraglider. Low inertia and simple to launch in the lightest of winds, the glider also behaves itself well in stronger conditions with no tendency to overshoot on takeoff and can be set up perfectly with the built-in trim system. The wing is also designed with a high level of passive safety.

For more information on the Ozone Wisp, please check out the links below to the manufacturer’s website. If you would like clarification of prices, delivery times or anything else before committing further, please ask for a quote, call, or simply send an email. If you are wondering if the Ozone Wisp is suitable for your abilities and your type of flying, free advice is available based on almost thirty years of experience in the sports of paragliding and paramotoring. All you need do is ask.

Summary: Super lightweight tandem for those huge walk-in flights with a friend.

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Manufacturers Own Info

For even more information, please use these links to read the manufacturers own detailed product description.

Ozone Website


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