Ozone Rush 5


  • Sharknose design for increased stability
  • Better glide especially at speed over the Rush 4
  • Moderate aspect ratio for excellent passive security
  • Improved accurate handling
  • Great combination of handling and performance
  • 3D shaping and Mini-Ribs for cleanest wing
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Ozone Rush 5

The Ozone Rush 5 is Ozone’s entry into the high-end ENb paraglider group and is placed in amongst the top performers of the category.  Using technology from the Enzo 3 and Zeno, Ozone placed special attention on making sure that the Rush 5 is better, or at the very least equal to the top performing ENb gliders on the market in 2018. These performance developments has to lead to a paraglider that has improved on the previous Rush 4. These improvements include a better glide especially when accelerated, a more compact glider leading to increased pilot confidence in active air and improved handling for direct, accurate turns, whilst still maintaining a large margin of safety.

The Ozone Rush 5 features an improved Sharknose design for increased stability and speed range, leading to better flight performance and a moderate aspect ratio for excellent passive security. 3D shaping and mini-ribs are featured which helps to create the cleanest aerofoil section possible. Altogether, these various improvements result in a top end ENb cross country paraglider that is comfortable and confident to fly in the sometimes active and rough conditions that can be encountered on a distance flight. The new glider contains the usual Ozone great combination of handling and performance, ensuring that the Ozone Rush 5 gives all the competition a good run for their money.

Summary: Ozone Rush 5. A great top performer in the high ENb category suitable for a huge range of regularly flying pilots.

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If you are new to high-end ENb paragliders and wondering if this is the right category for you, our full guide can be found here.

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