Ozone Ozium 2


  • Lighter than predecessor
  • Option of different pod materials
  • Seatboardless design
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Different back protection options
  • Custom parachute deployment container included


Ozone Ozium 2

The newly updated version of the very popular Ozium pod harness from Ozone. The new Ozone Ozium 2 is lighter than its predecessor and now comes with the option of different pod materials so that you can build the ideal harness for your requirements. The three different pods options are shared with the Ozone Forza harness so are interchangeable. Like the Advance Impress 2, the Ozone Ozium 2 is a seatboardless hammock type harness designed to be as comfortable as possible for long duration cross country flights. The Ozium 2 features all the typical attachments that we have now come to expect from a harness of this quality like, a built in cockpit, pocket for a hydration pack and mounting points for instruments etc. The standard harness is supplied with the lightest pod option but it is possible to order whatever one you would prefer. The Ozone Ozium 2 also has plenty of storage space not only in the back but also on each side and under the seat area. The harness is supplied with a lightweight back protector with an optional hard plate for puncture protection and to make the Ozium 2 feel a little more integrated during flight. The Ozium 2 can also be ordered with an optional full protection mouse bag which doesn’t need the hard plate. This increases comfort and adds a little to the overall weight whilst offering the highest level of protection. The rescue parachute container has been rethought and offers simple reliable deployment with its own Ozone deployment bag. (We offer free rescue changeover and fitting with any harness purchased).

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Summary: Ozone Ozium 2. A nicely made simple pod harness for the cross country pilot at an excellent price yet still offering some great options.

Manufacturers Own Info

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