Ozone Buzz Z6


  • The newest version of the hugely popular wing for all pilots from Ozone
  • An increase in performance over the previous model but still with the excellent Buzz user friendliness
  • A glider that can be accessed by a wide range of pilots
  • 25% less line equalling less drag
  • Improved Shark Nose design for greater stability
  • G-String design for fast reinflations and safer flying
  • Simple ground handling
  • Large weight range for all pilots
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Ozone Buzz Z6

The latest incarnation of the Buzz series from Ozone, the Ozone Buzz Z6 is their newest design aimed at the talented beginner. Designed as a glider that can be accessed by a wide range of pilots including beginners who are looking for just a little more in terms of performance compared to a typical ENa glider but without a whole lot more workload to fly. The Ozone Buzz series is one of Ozone’s biggest sellers and designed to be the ultimate compromise between cross country performance and passive security.

More performance and safety

The Ozone Buzz Z6 now has a 20% reduction of line compared to its predecessor. This leads to more performance and especially a better glide at speed. 3D computer designed shaping has been used, leading to a cleaner profile and free extra performance. By using a mixture of materials, Ozone has also managed to reduce the weight. The glider incorporated a Shark Nose design which helps greatly with stability at low angles of attack as well as lowering the stall point of the wing. This has also been improved over the Buzz Z5 with the addition of the G-Strap design as seen on the Ozone Rush, which maintains better cell shape and helps reinflation times in the event of a collapse. 

Flying the Ozone Buzz Z6

The low aspect design that is becoming more common from a lot of manufacturers ensure an excellent level of performance but with a very comfortable feel in the air. Handling of the Ozone Buzz Z6 is compact with a feeling of solidity with the brakes and feedback is not overly pronounced. Ground handling is very easy as you would expect with little tendency to overshoot in stronger winds. The Ozone Buzz Z6  is suitable for the widest range of pilots possible and notably is available in no less than 6 sizes so every pilot should be able to find a Buzz that fits. Read more information about low-end ENb paragliders.

Summary: Ozone Buzz Z6. It keeps getting better with every update and the Z6 is the best so far.

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