Nova Prion 4


  • Light and agile
  • Maximum combination of passive security and performance
  • Ease of use and preparation for flight
  • Colour coded lines and risers
  • Anti spiral safety wing tip design
  • 25% less line than previous model
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Nova Prion 4

The lightweight and agile beginners wing from Nova. The wing is constructed from a mix of materials that helps to bring down the overall weight yet still being robust enough for a novice pilot to learn their trade. The Nova Prion 4 is designed to be very easy to launch and with a simple line layout is quick to prepare for flight. The new wing has 25% less line and hence less drag than the Prion 3.

As usual with any product from Nova, ease of use coupled with excellent performance was the aim of the design and they did not disappoint. The Nova Prion 3 has been piloted to an ENA world record cross country distance of 209km beating the previous record set by the Swing Discus. Both of these stunning beginners gliders have now shown us just how far paragliding design has come. Safety features of the Nova Prion 4 include clearly marked risers and lines together with an anti spiral dive wingtip design which can help the pilot if things where to get out of hand whilst practicing this maneuver. The Nova Prion 4 is also available with optional power risers to enable the glider to be flown with a paramotor and for this purpose the wing is also certified.

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Summary: Nova Prion 3. A simple yet performance beginners glider. A great choice for the new pilot.

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