Nova Montis+


  • A combination of the Montis harness and Inverto rucksack
  • An incredibly light 1.3kg
  • Excellent level of full length back protection
  • 60L of storage
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Very comfortable in the air – Split leg design


Nova Montis+

The Nova Montis+ is a combination of the Montis super lightweight mountain harness and the Inverto reversible rucksack. This results in an incredibly light harness of only 1.3kg, yet still retains an excellent level of full length back protection. Not only this, but the rucksack also offers 60L of storage which is comfortable to carry, and is equally as conformable in the air for such a minimal design.

Learn more about reversible paragliding harnesses.

Summary: The Nova Montis+ An incredibly light reversible mountain harness and rucksack for weight weenies, yet still offering the pilot protection.

Manufacturers Own Info

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