Nova Mentor 5 Light


  • Lightweight version of the Nova Mentor 5
  • 25% lower weight
  • Smaller packed volume
  • Easier low wind launches than standard glider
  • Faster response to input through lower inertia
  • More pronounced feedback
  • 3 year guarantee as standard
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Nova Mentor 5 Light

The Nova Mentor 5 Light, is the lightweight version of the record breaking high end ENb paraglider by the Austrian manufacturer. Advantages over the standard wing include a 25% lower weight, a smaller packed volume and slightly different flight characteristics like easier low wind launches, a faster response to input, more pronounced feedback and faster yet softer recovery from a collapse. The Nova Mentor 5 Light may be a light paraglider but it is still built to last with Nova’s 3 year guarantee as standard. More info on the Nova Mentor 5 can be found here.

More information on high end ENb paragliders can be found here.

Summary: The legendary record breaking performance and handling of the Nova Mentor 5 in a lighter and more responsive package.

Manufacturers Own Info

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