Nova Ion 5 Light


  • The lightweight version of the standard Nova Ion 5
  • Almost 1kg lighter than the standard Nova Ion 5
  • Excellent glide performance
  • Agile light handling
  • Smaller packed size than the standard wing
  • Faster, accurate response to control
  • Low and zero wind outstanding launches
  • 27g double coated Porcher Marine cloth
  • Suitable for all pilots low-end ENb
  • Available in XXXS to cover all pilot weights
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Nova Ion 5 Light

The lightweight version of the standard Nova Ion 5. The same stunning glide performance, agile light handling and simplicity in launch, the new Nova Ion 5 Light offers some benefits over the standard weight wing. It is obviously lighter to carry and this is a great help when having to walk some distance to launch. It also makes travelling with your paraglider easier with its smaller packed size. But there are other benefits to lightweight designs when it comes to flight and the reason that so many new gliders are getting lighter year on year. Lower weight leads to lower inertia and a faster and more accurate response to brake control making the wing easier to fly and more controllable in severe conditions. Takeoffs tend to be easier especially in low and zero wind conditions.

The 27g lightweight Porcher Marine cloth is UV coated on both sides so offers the same resistance as the standard weight glider. This leads to a wing that is almost 1kg lighter than the standard Nova Ion 5. This adds to an already impressive low-end ENb paraglider. Even though the Nova Ion 5 Light offers excellent cross-country performance, the wing is still suitable for all pilots from the talented beginner up and is safe enough to be used as a training glider like all the Ion’s before it.

Summary: One wing that does it all, from learning to fly to cracking off a 200km cross country. Safe, light and agile performance. Available in a very unusual XXXS size but still certified ENb.

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