Niviuk Kougar 2


  • Reflexed paramotor wing
  • Easy zero wind launches
  • Stable high speed cruising
  • Sharks Nose
  • Great fuel economy
  • Precise handling
  • Twin control lines for more control
  • Effective as a motor glider
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Niviuk Kougar 2

The Niviuk Kougar 2 is a fully reflexed paramotor wing from the Spanish manufacturer. This power glider is renowned for its easy take offs even in zero wind situations, stable high speed cruising and the use of Sharks Nose together with reflex technology. The Niviuk Kougar 2 also offers great fuel economy with good feedback to the pilot together with sweet precise handling. Twin control lines to the trailing edge and stabiliser give stable turns without affecting the reflex profile and more control when needed. Because of the low stall speed high lift aerofoil section, it is possible to use smaller and lighter paramotors than normal resulting not only in a great paramotor package but a set up that is also effective as a motor glider.

The Niviuk Kougar 2 is aimed at pilots who have been in the sport a while, wishing to maximise their flights and cross country performance. We would say that the Kougar 2 is around the equivalent of an ENc in the paragliding world so best suited to experienced pilots of over 100 hrs of regular and current airtime. Because of the performance of the wing and the fact that it can be trimmed to fly as you want, Niviuk also state that the Kougar 2 makes a good free flying glider so it would be a good choice for the paramotor pilot who would still like to be able to do a little paragliding when the opportunity should arise.

Summary: Niviuk Kougar 2. A solid, fully reflexed paramotor wing combined with accurate precise handling and easy launching. Highly recommended.

Our complete guide to choosing a power glider for paramotoring can be found here.

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Kougar 2 Eng. Fra. Esp. Deu. 

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Kougar 2 Eng. Fra. Esp. 

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