Mac Para T-Ride


  • For professionals and trike pilots
  • Specifically designed for heavy units
  • Supplied with standard risers or spreader bars
  • Easy takeoffs and landings due to low airspeeds brake design
  • Light agile handling
  • Great performance and glide angle
  • Excellent fuel economy


Mac Para T-Ride

The Mac Para T-Ride is a power glider specifically designed for use with heavy trike units, solo or tandem. The wing can be supplied with standard short risers or spreader bars depending on the application. Easy takeoffs and landings are just part of what makes the T-Ride a great power wing. The glider also offers light agile handling which is something you don’t usually hear when talking about heavy trikes. The overall performance of this power glider results in excellent economy of fuel and the trimer risers can be used to set up the wing for the type of flying being done. Finally, a special brake setup is employed to help the pilot safely reach the low airspeeds required for takeoffs and landing approaches.

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Summary: The Mac Para T-Ride is the power glider most professionals and heavy trike pilots are looking for.

Manufacturers Own Info

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