Mac Para Pasha 6


  • Light and accurate handling
  • Feels much like a solo paraglider
  • Comfortable and undemanding to fly
  • Great performance with an excellent glide angle
  • 3 sizes
  • Excellent reviews
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Mac Para Pasha 6

The great tandem paraglider from the Czech manufacturer. With light and accurate handling, the Mac Pasha 6 was designed to feel as much like a solo paraglider as was possible. The performance is also stunning with a very high possible glide angle. Available in no less than 3 sizes, it should be easy for the tandem pilot to pick the perfect choice. The Mac Para Pasha 6 has had excellent reviews since its release. You can read them below.

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Summary: Light handling tandem paraglider with a glide around 10:1 which is comfortable and undemanding to fly

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Mac Para Website

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