Mac Para Paradis


  • The lightweight version of the Eden 6
  • Fastest response to a command
  • Less inertia
  • Faster reinflations from collapses
  • Easier to launch in light and zero winds
  • Small packed volume; easier to carry on long walks


Mac Para Paradis

The Mac Para Paradis is the lightweight version of the Eden 6 with all of the advantages that brings. Fastest response to a command, less inertia, faster reinflations from collapses. The Mac Para Paradis compared to the Eden is also easier to launch in light and zero winds. It also has a much smaller packed volume and is easier to carry on long walk ins. Lightweight gliders tend to feel better in the air than a heavy weight counterpart mostly because of the increased response and agility with the Paradis being the same. It should be pointed out though that even the Eden 6 on which the Paradis is based, is already a hybrid lightweight design although the Paradis takes it one step further.

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Summary: The great performance and handling of the Eden, improved, in a lightweight package.

Note: A full review of the standard Eden 6 can be found here

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