Mac Para Colorado


  • Mac Para Performance Reflex Design
  • Superb performance and speed
  • Good choice for moderately experienced pilots
  • Highly fuel efficient
  • Accurate handling
  • Sporty and agile
  • Outstanding build quality


Mac Para Colorado

The Mac Para Colorado is that companies entry into the performance paramotor wing category. With its accurate handling and ease of flight, the Mac Para Colorado carries on where its predecessor left off. The new glider is trimmed to be sporty and agile, with a very high top speed. The wing is fitted with wingtip steering to allow directional control when flying in full reflex mode. The Colorado is best suited to experienced paramotor pilots and especially those pilots looking for a competitive edge. The Colorado, due to its overall performance, is extremely fuel efficient so perfect for many competition tasks. Like all Mac Para products, the Colorado is made with an outstanding build quality which really needs a close examination to be truly appreciated.

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Summary: Light, responsive, comfortable and accurate to fly, the Mac Para Colorado is a performance cross country machine suitable for most experienced pilots.

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