Independence Trainer


  • Independence Ground Handling mini glider
  • Only 12m in size for all sensible practice conditions
  • Built exactly the same way as a full-size paraglider for durability
  • Low lift wing section for safe practice
  • Mimics a full-size paraglider apart from power produced
  • The fastest way to become an expert at ground handling


Independence Trainer Ground Handling Wing

Ground handling is, without doubt, the bain of a lot of paragliding pilots but it is something that must be perfected. The Independence Trainer is a real, but mini-sized paraglider, designed only for helping the pilot to sharpen up their ground handling skills. This ground handling wing behaves as close to a full-size paraglider that is possible but without the dangers of the pilot being lifted off the ground in windy conditions. This is achieved not only by its small size but also the inclusion of a low lift aerofoil wing section within its design. The Independence Trainer is one of the best ground handling wing design that we have ever used out of the various ground training wings on the market, being the closest to the ‘real thing’ that we have so far come across. The BGD Seed is also an excellent ground training tool and as its around 2m larger, it is more suitable for the student who would prefer to learn their skills with a little more power. These ground handling wings actually teach you a lot more than just how to launch; they also effectively teach you how to fly the glider on the ground and instil critical skills such as active flying and fast responses to deflations etc. Finally, being a lot smaller than a full sized paraglider, the Independence Trainer can be used in a very wide range of wind speeds and will allow you to have fun ground handling, whilst learning on those windy blown out days.

Note: Under no circumstances is the Independence Trainer to be flown. It is a ground handling tool only.

Summary: Independence Trainer ground handling wing. One of the best tools available possible for learning to ground handle for beginners as well as currently advanced pilots who want to practice in more challenging conditions.

Our full guide to mini ground handling wings can be found here

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