Gin Safari Pilot 2



  • Split leg harness design
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Much greater freedom on the ground than a seat board
  • only 2.6kg
  • Good storage
  • Loops for selfie sticks
  • Built-in radio pocket
  • 14cm mousse bag back protection
  • One size fits most pilots


Gin Safari Pilot 2

The Gin Safari Pilot 2 is designed for professionals and leisure flyers alike who would prefer a split leg harness design. There is no doubt that this tends to be the most comfortable setup for the pilot and passenger. The split leg design also allows the pilot much greater freedom on the ground when he or she needs to run fast and is very easy to get comfortable once in the air. As well as being a good design, the Gin Safari Pilot 2 is very light at only 2.6kg which is going to be great news when you are carrying your tandem rucksack up the hill. The harness offers good storage, loops to attach selfie sticks and a built-in radio pocket. The harness contains a 14cm mousse bag for maximum pilot protection and built-in rescue container. The pilot will also find a conveniently positioned camera pocket on the harness. One size of the Gin Safari will fit most pilots.

Summary: Another good offering from Gin for a tandem harness with split leg loops. Great value.

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