Gin Safari 2 Passenger



  • EN certified tandem passenger harness
  • One size fits all
  • Only 1.7kg
  • Good storage
  • Instrument velcro on the shoulder
  • Replaceable skid plate
  • Split leg design for maximum moveability
  • Under seat airbag
  • Launch crew handles for assisted takeoffs


Gin Safari 2 Passenger

The matching passenger harness to go with the Gin Safari 2 pilot harness; not that you couldn’t use it with any other pilots harness. An EN certified harness that comes in one size that has enough adjustment so that most passengers will be comfortable. The Gin Safari 2 Passenger weighs an incredible 1.7kg and when matched with the pilot’s harness, helps to create a very low weight tandem setup. There is plenty of storage and like the Gin Fuse Passenger harness, there is velcro on the shoulder for mounting of the pilot’s instruments. The harness is strongly built for the rigours of commercial use and incorporates an easy replacement skid plate on the bottom. Like the pilot’s harness, the Gin Safari 2 Passenger is a split leg design for maximum moveability on the ground and allows the co-pilot to run at maximum speed which is greatly appreciated on tricky launch sites in zero wind conditions. Passenger safety is taken care off with a pre-inflated under seat airbag, a Safe-T buckle on the chest strap in combination with pass through straps for the legs and importantly, launch crew handles for assisted takeoffs.

Summary: One of the most fully featured tandem passenger harnesses available.

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