Gin Genie X-Alps ˙


  • Super lightweight
  • Dyneema ripstop fabric for maximum strength
  • 14cm back protection system
  • Front mounted rescue parachute container
  • Carbon fibre foot plate



Gin Genie X-Alps

The Gin Genie X-Alps is a super lightweight cocoon type cross country paragliding harness. If you are a cross country pilot who wants to keep the weight of your of pack down to the minimum for ease of transport, then the Gin Genie X-Alps is probably what you are looking for. Constructed from an exotic dyneema ripstop fabric for maximum strength whilst minimum weight, the Gin Genie X-Alps also features a 14cm back protection system and front mounted rescue parachute container. The harness is of the hammock design with a carbon fibre foot plate and is available in no less than six sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

The Gin Genie X-Alps is available now. Feel free to order the Gin Genie X-Alps by adding your size and colour choice with any notes during checkout. If you would like clarification of delivery times, available colours and sizes or anything else before committing further, you are welcome to call or simply drop us an email. If you are wondering if the Gin Genie X-Alps is suitable for your abilities and your type of flying, we will be pleased to offer you unbiased advice based on almost thirty years of experience in the sports of paragliding and paramotoring.

Summary: Gin Genie X-Alps. A stunningly lightweight full pod harness coming in at under 2.5kg for the sports pilot who wants to keep the total flying package weight down to a minimum.

Manufacturers Own Info

The Genie X-Alps harness is an ultra-light cocoon harness aimed at XC adventure and hike ‘n fly pilots, or regular XC pilots who simply wish to fly in comfort and travel light.

The Genie X-Alps is based on the harness used by GIN athletes in the X-Alps race, but with additional features for comfort, convenience and safety. The Genie X-Alps is constructed from a high-strength Dyneema ripstop fabric and features a substantial 14cm moussebag and an integrated front rescue container / flight deck. It’s available in 6 sizes, ensuring optimum fit and simple adjustment.

“All-terrain” XC Adventure

The Genie X-Alps is well suited to adventures in wild places. Its stable geometry is ideal for modern intermediate and high performance gliders flown in challenging mountain conditions. Comfort on long flights is first class—the harness adapts to the pilot’s body shape due to the hammock principle, and the substantial foam back protector helps to distribute the load over a wide area of the back.

Fit and simplicity

The fit of a harness is one of the most important aspects for comfort, safety and performance. The range of 6 sizes gives you the best possible fit without the need for complicated adjustments.

State-of-the-art lightness

The Genie X-Alps is one of the lightest harnesses of its kind. It is also strong and easy to pack and carry. As with any lightweight equipment, a technical understanding of the product is necessary to obtain the longest possible period of use. Handle the harness with care and avoid dragging it on rough ground.


– aerodynamic profile and small cross section for reduced drag

– high-strength ripstop Dyneema fabric

– integrated full-size cockpit with front rescue container, rescue deployable with either hand

– carbon fibre footplate

– Dyneema webbing and adjustment straps

– 14cm certified moussebag back protection

– large back pocket with pouch for hydration pack

– routing for hydration pack / radio

– optimal sitting position for aerodynamics and comfort on long flights

– lightweight 2 step speedbar included

Gin Genie X-Alps

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