Gin Genie Race 4


  • For competition flying at the highest level
  • Winning harness in last years World Cup
  • Drag reduced to the absolute minimum
  • Adjustable visor
  • Improved nose and aerocone tail
  • 9cm back protection system
  • Second parachute container
  • Hook knife and pocket for an Anti-G included
  • Instrument deck included
  • Great storage


Gin Genie Race 4

At a little over €2000, the Gin Genie Race 4 is probably the most expensive paragliding harness in production. What exactly do you get for the same money as basic paraglider? The Gin Genie Race 4 was a harness built from the ground up for competition flying at the highest level and was the winning harness in last years World Cup. The aim of the design was to reduce drag to the absolute minimum so increasing glide performance to the maximum. This has been achieved through a combination of improvements including an adjustable visor mounted in front of the pilot. Low drag materials and an improved nose cone together with aerocone tail make the Gin Genie Race 4 as slippery as possible. A 9cm back protection system is built into the harness and there is a second parachute container on the front as required by competition regulations. A double bladed hook knife is included as well as a pocket for an Anti-G descent parachute and instrument deck. Plentiful storage is supplied with the front mounted cockpit and under seat compartment. A 3 ladder speedbar is also included.

Summary: A top-rated race harness for competition pilots who want to squeeze out the last drop of performance.

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