Gin Genie Lite 2


  • Around 4.5kg
  • Detachable pod
  • T buckle safety system
  • Under seat rescue container
  • 14cm mousse bag back protection
  • Lots of storage with its cockpit and large rear storage.
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Gin Genie Lite 2

A lot of pilots are flying the Gin Genie Lite 2 and love it. Around 4.5kg all in with its carbon seat plate, the Gin Genie Lite 2 is very lightweight for a pod design. The nice thing is that the pod can be removed resulting in an ultralight conventional harness. But at 4.5kg, why remove the pod at all? 3D shaping combined with a removable lumbar support helps you to tailor the harness for the perfect fit. The Gin Genie Lite 2 has been designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. Special attention has been given to the height of the carabiners to give the perfect balance of stability and feedback. 

Features of the Gin Genie Lite 2 include a detachable pod, T buckle safety system, under seat rescue container, 14cm mousse bag back protection and lots of storage with its cockpit and large rear storage.

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Summary: Gin Genie Lite 2. One of the best pod harnesses below £1000 we’ve come across.

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