Gin Fuse 2


  • Tandem paraglider for professionals
  • Great handling
  • Improved launching especially in strong conditions
  • Light control pressures
  • Built-in trim position indicator
  • Lockable big ears
  • User replaceable trimmers
  • Wide weight range
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Gin Fuse 2

The new Gin tandem paraglider for professionals. Developments have been aimed at improved launching especially in strong conditions and light control pressures to make flying the Fuse 2 as close as possible to a solo wing together with a lighter overall build. There is also a new design of riser with built-in trim position indicator and lockable big ears. The trimmers are also replaceable, making life a little bit easier for the tandem pilot. Finally, the Gin Fuse 2 has a wide weight range making the wing suitable for light pilots and can also be flown solo if need be.

Summary: An easy to fly paraglider with lighter controls that are usually found on a tandem, offering great handling and thermaling ability.

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