Gin Bolero 6


• Great beginners glider

• More forgiving of mistakes

• Slower stall speed

• Easy to launch especially in zero wind

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Gin Bolero 6

The new Gin Bolero 6. Every couple of years, Gin bring out an update to the hugely popular Bolero and this is number six. Designed primarily as a first wing for the beginner, the Gin Bolero 6 does that job perfectly. The Bolero has more than enough performance to keep the new pilot satisfied whilst offering enough passive security to enable the glider to be used in the school environment. The Gin Bolero 6 is not only suitable for beginners;  the glider is also suitable for any pilot that just want relaxing flying with a reasonable amount of performance. This new generation of Bolero has many new improvements including longer brake line travel combined with higher pressures towards the stall point, making the glider more forgiving of beginner mistakes. The stall speed of the glider is now also slower which makes getting the wing into the air quicker and easier especially in low or zero wind conditions.

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Summary: Gin Bolero 6. Simply a great choice of first wing for anyone wanting a good start in the sport of paragliding. Passive security and ease of use on the ground will help the new pilot hone their skills but not so fast that they will quickly outgrow the glider. The Bolero is capable of flying cross country in the right hands and this wing is the perfect partner for you to learn how to do just that.

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