Digifly Air + Integrated ASI & BlueTooth



  • 3 years in development
  • Italian styling
  • High-resolution display
  • 4 operation buttons
  • Can be used when wearing gloves
  • Built-in BlueTooth module for app integration
  • Super sensitive GPS module
  • G meter for acro pilots
  • Magnetic compass
  • Drag and drop design software
  • Unique built-in ASI accurate to 0.1km/h
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Includes storage case and USB cable


Digifly Air + Integrated ASI & BlueTooth

The Digifly Air has taken 3 years to be developed and not only is it fully functioned, it has been crafted in the typical Italian style. The big thing that stands out is the high-resolution display that looks great in bright sunlight and the big 4 operation buttons that were designed to be able to be used when wearing gloves. With its built in BlueTooth module, the Digifly Air can communicate with all smart devices and the units information can be fed to apps such as XC Soar etc. Internal sensors include a GPS module that is updated 10 times a second, a G meter for acro pilots (watch you don’t get yourself into trouble with this one!) and a magnetic compass that still works at high angles of bank. The instrument display can be designed exactly as you like it with the drag and drop software that is used from a connected computer. Other information such as track points etc can also be transferred this way.

The really unique feature of the Digifly Air though is its built-in and accurate airspeed indicator (ASI). Up until now, ASI’s on paragliders was only possible by using a trailing probe on a long cable hanging underneath the pilot. Digifly is the first manufacturer to solve this problem with a highly accurate built-in probe using some pretty clever software. Digifly says that this feature is accurate to 0.1km/h and it doesn’t really matter how the instrument is mounted. Having this extra information allows some additional advantages over other devices. Firstly it allows for into wind speed and glider calculations and secondly, the ability to show the actual wind speed and direction without having to do a 360-degree turn. This could be especially handy when setting up a landing approach. Finally, the Digifly Air has a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and comes with storage case and USB cable.


Display screens 13
Multi function navigation buttons Feature Present
Multi language help menu (14 languages) Feature Present
10 sensors super fast vario Feature Present
IntelliVario dynamic filter Feature Present
Adjustable vario sensitivity Feature Present
Adjustable audio levels, volume & tone Feature Present
Analogue vario display Feature Present
Vario averager function (integrator) Feature Present
Digital vario display Feature Present
Graphic altimeter Feature Present
3D Airspace function Feature Present
Digital maps with terrain elevations Feature Present
Altimeters 7
Pressure adjustment on altimeters Feature Present
Total energy compensation (with optional Pitot tube) Feature Present
Air speed (requires optional Pitot tube) Feature Present
Time display Feature Present
Chronograph Feature Present
Peak values recorder number flights 1000
Adjustable metric or imperial units Feature Present
Battery level display Feature Present
Internal lithium battery Feature Present
Updatable software from the internet via Mini USB cable Feature Present
Micro SD Slot Feature Present
GSM module optional



Flight recorder Feature Present
Recorded flights 250
Data logger capacity 100,000 data points
Recording capacity 20 hours at 1 data point / second
1000 hours at 1 data point / min
Flight playback function Feature Present
IGC compatible data output Feature Present
Auto zero thermal altimeter Feature Present
Indication to last thermal Feature Present
Adjustable polars 3
Netto vario (with optional Pitot tube) Feature Present
McCready function (with optional Pitot tube) Feature Present
Adjustable McCready equivalent (with optional Pitot tube) Feature Present
Speed to fly (with optional Pitot tube) Feature Present
Efficiency indicator Feature Present
G-Meter Feature Present
3-axis magnetic compass Feature Present



Integrated high sensitvity 99 channel & 10hz Feature Present
Waypoints 186 competition & 186 user
Routes 12, with 20 waypoints on each route
3D flight logger (flight & GPS data) Feature Present
Automatic FAI cylinder turn point & start pilon validation Feature Present
Automatic way point direction & distance indicator Feature Present
Automatic direction finder GPS direction indicator showing distance to turn point Feature Present
Glide calculator Feature Present
Safe landing glide cone indication Feature Present
GOTO functions Feature Present
Tracking GPS Feature Present
Ground speed Feature Present
Ground efficiency Feature Present
Display & manage required efficiency Feature Present
Wind speed & direction indicator Feature Present
Clock & date/time stamp auto synchronised with GPS UTC data Feature Present



Bluetooth Feature Present
Bluetooth real time telemetry output Feature Present



LCD display resolution 320 pixels x 240 pixels gray scale
PC connection speed Hi Speed
Battery Internal rechargable lithium
Battery life 30 hours
Weight (with battery) 180 g
Size 156 mm x 93 mm x 19 mm
Altimeter resolution 1 m (3 ft)
Altimeter range 9,000 m (29527 ft)
Analogue vario range +/- 12 m/s (4,800 ft/min)
Digital vario range +/- 25 m/s (5,000 ft/min)
Analogue vario resolution 0.2 m/s (40 ft/min)
Digital vario resolution 1 cm/s (2 ft/min)
Barometer range with user calibration 300 mB – 1200 mB
Temperature range -30 °C to +70 °C (-22 °F to +158 °F)
Air speed indicator range (requires optional Pitot tube) 150 km/h (93 mph)
Digifly extended warranty 3 years

Summary: A long time in the making the Digifly is different to a lot of the other available instruments available. The built is ASI makes it particulary compelling and unique.

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Manufacturers Own Info

For even more information, please use these links to read the manufacturers own detailed product description.

Digifly Website


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