BGD Seed


  • The BGD Seed ground training tool

  • Practice active flying, deflation recovery and stalls

  • Build automatic reactions and muscle memory

  • 14m for when its too windy to fly

  • Modern 3-riser design

  • Constructed from very durable 50g cloth


BGD Seed Ground Trainer

The BGD Seed is the latest training tool for the pilot. Ground handling is a skill that all paraglider and paramotor pilots need to be good at. It goes without saying that good ground handling skills are going to make your launches easy and fun but many don’t realise the added benefits of learning to fly your glider whilst it is still on the ground. A lot of professional schools agree that one hour of ground flying relates to approximately ten hours of actually being in the air. Active flying, deflation recovery and even stalls can safely be mastered. It teaches you how to fly the glider and build automatic reactions on the ground. What you are trying to do is to build muscle memory so when things go a little wrong, you will react without even having to think about it. A high level of active flying can be learnt which one day could save your bacon. Acro PG pilots all have stunning ground handling skills because they know it directly relates to being in the air.

The BGD Seed is designed to be as much like a full size paraglider as is possible in a much smaller 14m package to allow you to practice your ground skills when it is too windy to actually fly. But you don’t need strong winds to use the BGD Seed as its low weight still allows you to sharpen your skills when the winds are also light. The wing is a modern 3-riser design and is constructed from very durable 50g cloth to enable it to last a lot longer than your typical paraglider. Highly recommended for all para pilots. 

Summary: BGD Seed. The most fun you can have learning the most important of skills

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