Advance Xi


  • High-performance lightweight cross country paraglider
  • Also suitable for Hike and Fly
  • Uses technology from the Omega XAlps 2 and the Pi2
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Same performance as the Iota 2 but less demanding to fly
  • 1kg lighter than the Iota 2


Advance Xi

It has already been asked if this is just a lightweight Iota. The answer to that is, not exactly. The Advance Xi uses technology from the Omega XAlps 2 and the Pi2. The Xi is available in 5 sizes and the flight testing of all the sizes is done. The Advance Xi uses a different profile to the Iota 2 and there are 2 less cells in the wing. The design manifest was to create a wing with at least the same performance as the Iota 2 but more pitch damped and less demanding to fly. Maybe more importantly, the Xi is more than 1kg lighter than the Iota 2 which is already considered a ‘semi light glider’. The Advance Xi is designed as a high-performance lightweight cross country paraglider which is also suitable for Hike and Fly. More manufacturers are now going down the route of lightweight paragliders as they realise the advantages to be gained. These advantages are mostly with the improvements to handling, with a much faster response to control input with increased agility. Reinflation times from turbulence induced collapses are also much improved. Finally, zero and low wind launches are simplicity itself compared to heavy old gliders of yesteryear. The longevity of the lightweight clothes has also been greatly increased in the last couple of years, mostly eliminating the premature ageing of the new designs.

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Summary: Lightweight high-performance ENb at the top of the category.

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