Advance Success 4


  • The 4th and newly updated version of the Success
  • low aerodynamic drag factor
  • Contains four different protectors
  • Includes side impact protection
  • Supremely comfortable
  • Lumbar support
  • Balance system for easy in and out
  • Very lightweight starting at only 3.9kg
  • Advance Stirrup ready


Advance Success 4

The 4th and newly updated version of the Success from the Swiss manufacturer Advance. With the Advance Success 4, the company decided to go back to the drawing board and try to design a harness that was not only light and efficient for cross country flying but also to arrive at a harness that had passive protection for the pilot at a level above what was actually needed for safety certification. The Advance Success 4 also had to have as minimum aerodynamic drag as possible and be shaped to fit the pilot’s body perfectly. The Advance Success 4 contains four different protectors including side impact protection to help in the case of a hard but off-centre landing. Advance comfort foam is used in conjunction with the other protectors to create a harness which is supremely comfortable and offers support to the lumbar region of your back. The harness also incorporates a very clever balance system that makes it easy for the pilot to get into the harness after takeoff and get their legs down for landing. For a fully featured cross-country harness, the Advance Success 4 is very lightweight with the range starting at only 3.9kg including the full protection system. Slightly lighter cross country harnesses are available from other manufacturers but none can also offer this level of passive security giving the Advance Success 4 a truly unique selling point. The Success series of harnesses have always been extremely popular with pilots and this new design follows on from where version 3 left off.

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Summary: Advance Success 4. Another lightweight paragliding harness from Advance with the emphasis being on a low aerodynamic drag factor for the sports and leisure pilot as well as a high specification back protection system.

Manufacturers Own Info

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Advance Website

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