Advance Sigma 10


  • Advance Sigma 10; The Swiss companies flagship XC paragliding machine
  • Agile and performant cross country machine
  • A completely different design from the previous model
  • Direct, precise handling for maximum enjoyment with minimum fatigue
  • Cut diagonal ribs for perfect internal weight distribution
  • C-Wire shaped leading edge for maximum profile stability
  • Advances Air Scoop shark nose design
  • Mini ribbed trailing edge for a clean sail
  • Overlapping sizes for perfect pilot requirements
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Advance Sigma 10

The saga continues with the new Advance Sigma 10, the Swiss companies flagship sports XC paragliding machine. The Sigma series has always at its heart been an agile and performant cross country machine and the new Advance Sigma 10 continues in that vein. The Advance Sigma 10 is a completely different design from the previous model, so it should not be considered a mere update. New technology has gone into the design, incorporating many of the new recent breakthroughs in paraglider development.  This has lead to a paraglider that is fast and well balanced in the rough air which is the gliders natural playground.

As with many of the Sigma’s that came before it, the Advance Sigma 10 is an agile plaything with direct, precise handling which ensures maximum enjoyment with minimum fatigue when flying for long durations. Technological advances include cut diagonal ribs to ensure perfect internal weight distribution, C-Wire shaped leading edge for maximum profile stability especially at speed, Advances Air Scoop shark nose design to ensure high and low stable angles of attack and a mini ribbed trailing edge to produce a clean and efficient sail.

The Advance Sigma 10 is produced in overlapping sizes ensuring that the pilot can find the perfect wing loading for their weight as well as also offering the choice of a floatier experience or a wing that is highly dynamic.

The full story of the Advance Sigma can be found by going to: 28 Years of the Advance Sigma

Summary: Advance Sigma 10. The story continues with the Sigma 10. Another great cross country sports machine from the Swiss manufacturer.

Manufacturers Own Info

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