Advance Progress 3


  • Extremely well designed
  • Certified airbag back protection system
  • Built in rescue system
  • Weighs a little over 3kg
  • Reversible strong rucksack
  • Can be damped in the air to suit the pilot
  • Easy to use on the ground
  • Inner shaped compression bag included


Advance Progress 3

The Advance Progress 3 like all Advance products is extremely well thought out and designed. Including a certified airbag back protection system as well as a built in rescue system, the Advance Progress 3 still only weighs a little over 3kg which is excellent considering its features and reversible rucksack. The Advance Progress 3 is not only an extremely good looking harness, its feed back in the air can be damped to suit the individual pilot from reactive to very quiet. The harness is also incredibly easy to use on the ground due to its separate leg loops and flexible shaped seat surface. Getting back into the harness after taking off is automatic. The Advance Progress 3 is one of the lightest reversible harnesses available which still incorporates all its features. The harness is fully adjustable including the angle of the leg straps which is important if you ever wanted to use the harness with a stirrup.

The rucksack design is also well done with mesh ventilation as well as being very tough. Finally, a shaped inner compression bag is included so that you can pack your glider perfectly into the harness, a complaint heard many times about some of the smaller reversible harnesses on the market. The Advance Progress 3 differs from the Progress 2 in the fact that it now uses the Advance mousse bag back protector to which the rescue parachute container is now fitted. The materials and colours are also different offering a stronger and more robust package. At the time of writing (Apr 2018) the Advance Progress 3 is considered by many as the most developed reversible paragliding harness available.

Summary: Advance Progress 3. The Advance Progress is one of our best selling reversible harnesses for good reason.

Our guide to reversible paragliding harnesses can be found here.

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