Advance Lightness 3


  • Lightweight pod harness
  • Available in 3 harness sizes
  • Choice of 3 pod sizes
  • Lightpack shaped rucksack
  • Increased damping and comfort
  • Removable SAS-TEC crash and penetration system
  • Removable perspex windshield


Advance Lightness 3

The new lightweight pod harness from one of the worlds most famous manufacturers is now available to order. The harness that this new design will replace has been a massive seller for Advance right up to the day that production stopped. The new Lightness 3 promises to be every bit as good as the Lightness 2 but will incorporate some interesting new features. Like its predecessor, the Advance Lightness 3 will be available in 3 harness sizes with the choice of 3 pod sizes enabling the perfect setup for the pilot. The new Lightpack rucksack is shaped to fit this new harness perfectly and will be included. Comfort in the air is high on the design goal list so the harness is said to be more damped than previously, by using an improved and optimised geometry. The brand new Advance SAS-TEC crash and penetration system will be incorporated for the first time ever in a pod harness. Aerodynamics are improved in part, by using a removable perspex windshield mounted on top of the cockpit. This helps to smooth the airflow over the pilot, reducing wind noise and wind chill whilst improving performance.

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Summary: Advance Lightness 3. Please enquire for delivery details.

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