Advance Iota 2


  • Advance build quality
  • Precise handling characteristics
  • Tight thermaling ability
  • Lightweight build
  • Highest combination of performance and safety
  • Rear riser C handles
  • Five size and new extra small
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Advance Iota 2

The high-end ENb paraglider from Advance. Together with the usual Swiss build quality, the Advance Iota 2 is a glider that is known for its superb precision handling characteristics. Independently magazine tested the original model with a maximum glide angle of well over 10 and the Advance Iota 2 has a slight improvement over that figure. The new wing offers improvements like the C handles on the risers for safe control during accelerated flight and direct, precise handling for great thermal flying. The Advance Iota 2 shares technology with the Sigma 10 like split diagonal ribs and 3D shaping whilst keeping ENb levels of passive security. These features not only help create a very advanced paraglider, they also create a very light one as well.

Another excellent feature of the new glider is it overlapping and extended weight ranges. This will enable the pilot to pick the perfect wing for the type of flying that they do and will ensure that there will be an Iota that will fit the bill, The range includes a new 21m size that is not just a scaled down wing but actually has been designed from the ground up.

The Advance Iota 2 combines that maximum amount of performance that can currently be extracted from the ENb class together with a tight thermaling ability that is guaranteed to get you quickly to the top of the stack. The Advance Iota 2 is, without doubt, one of the top performers in the high-end ENb category today.

Summary: Advance Iota 2. Performance at the top level available from an ENb glider combined with accurate precise handling together with great passive stability.

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