Advance BiBeta 6


  • Available in the two sizes
  • Starting weight of only 6.7kg
  • Lower inertia weight
  • Agile and responsive
  • Relaxing low brake pressures
  • No overshooting tendencies
  • Reinforcements in all stress points
  • Trimmer system
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Advance BiBeta 6

Advance continues their incredibly successful tandem story with the new BiBeta 6. The BiBeta has always been a favourite of tandem pilots all over the world, professionals and leisure pilots alike and the new version is not going to disappoint them. Advance know that flying a tandem paraglider can be hard work, especially for commercial pilots, so set out to build them a glider that would make their life as easy as possible and always allow them to be able to enjoy themselves as well as making a living. To be able to design what they hoped would be the best tandem paraglider available, Advance checked out all the major competition and worked with commercial pilots to develop a wing that would combine the best of the best. Advance believe with the BiBeta 6, they didn’t only achieve what they set out to do but actually exceeded it. The new Advance BiBeta 6 is available in the two sizes of 38 and 41 and start at an impressive weight of only 6.7kg. The lower inertia weight helps to make the wing agile and responsive to fly combined with relaxing low brake pressures. The wing is easy to launch with no overshooting tendencies and equally as easy to land without having to contend with high brake pressures. Even though the BiBeta is very light for a tandem, it is also built to last with reinforcements in all the points of extra stress. Finally, the performance of the wing goes without saying and can be adjusted in the air with the supplied trimmer system.

Summary: Another great tandem from the Swiss manufacturer that will keep the fun of flying going for the commercial pilots out there.

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