Advance Alpha 6


• ENA glider certification

• Great performance

• Maximum passive security

• Ease of launch

• Good progression glider

• Stress free flying for any pilot


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Advance Alpha 6

The Advance Alpha 6 is the new ENA glider certification class wing from the Swiss manufacturer The new ENA glider from Advance proves that you can still get amazing performance without moving into the higher rated classes. In the right conditions, the new high-performance ENA gliders are capable cross country machines and the Advance Alpha 6 is no exception. Combined with maximum passive security and ease of launch, the Alpha 6 is everything that the pilot new to the sport is looking for. Updated every three years or so, the Alpha series up until the alpha 5 was very much a school glider but this has changed with the advent of the new high-performance ENA wings that the various manufacturers are now releasing. These new gliders have a glide angle approaching or even exceeding 9. This number is higher than a lot of hang gliders had for quite a number of years so you can see that this is very impressive. Along with higher performance, another nice feature of this new generation of wing is that the pilot will no longer have to change up to a higher class after quickly outgrowing the glider. This results in a smoother learning progression for the pilot. Suitable not only for beginners, the Advance Alpha 6 is a great glider for any pilot just looking to enjoy stress-free flying with the absolute lowest level of input required. Great performance and will keep you safe whilst you learn.

Summary: Another great product from Advance. A high-performance level and ease of use will ensure that beginners can learn at their own speed without ever having to worry about the glider whilst the more experienced pilot can just sit back and relax with stress-free flying.

Our guide to choosing a beginner paraglider can be found here.

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