Part Exchange Codes

We’ve now simplified the trade in values on all part exchange deals irrespective of certification, flight hours or condition. To find out exactly how old your glider is and its value, please use the data on the nameplate attached to your wing. See notes below:

A: Gliders up to 3 years old – £1250

B: Gliders between 3 and 5 years old – £1000

C: Gliders between 5 and 7 years old – £750

D: Gliders over 7 years old – £500

If you have a glider you would like to trade in, please use the following codes with your order:

A: PX1250

B: PX1000

C: PX750

D: PX500

Please email a photo of the manufacturer’s label on the wing.

Please box up your glider then email or call us with your pickup address and a convenient time for our courier to collect free of charge.

Please Note:

  1. The trade in prices is offered in exchange for an accurate date of manufacture and available only against full-size paragliders. Unfortunately, lower valued mini and speed wings can’t be included in this scheme. There are exceptions though, so still please ask.
  2. Even though a paraglider under 3 years old is probably worth more than £1250, at this time, this is maximum that can be offered. But again, it is worth asking as exceptions have been made especially when there already is a buyer for your part exchanged glider. 
Get A Quote for PX

Get A Quote for PX

We supply unique personal quotations to the customer on request and always endeavour to offer the best prices. For part exchange deals however, the final figure will be based on the standard RRP as currently available in the UK.