Launched this month is a brand new pilot training tool from Bruce Goldsmith with an entertaining video. A couple of companies are now making ground handling wings and this is the latest offering. Not so current pilots can stay razor sharp, even if they can’t get up into the air and still manage to get something out of those blown out days. Not forgetting that these little gliders are also great fun. If you would like more information and price of the new wing, here is the link: BGD Seed


  1. rupy

    Great kite.Can you give some more details.Can it take a man down a slope?

    • Paul Williams

      No, that is not what it is designed for. Yes, these wings would fly on a steep enough slope but that is not the intended use. They are designed to make you a ground handling God! Instead of launching being difficult, it becomes fun and rewarding as well as much safer. In the years I was running the paragliding school, I saw many students make staggering progress in their flying after buying one of these training wings so I highly recommend them.


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