Most of us would like to have a special colour glider to help us stand out amongst the other wings when we are in the air but the reality is that paragliders are expensive, with custom colours even more so. If you are anything like me, I’d rather put that money to work on something else that I need, like a piece of clothing or a small instrument for example. Custom colour prices depend on the manufacture and they do vary by quite a lot.

Special Offer until the end of May 2017: As the season is now fully underway and a lot of pilots are looking at upgrading their equipment, I only thought it right to make the process of standing out from the crowd as painless as possible, so I am going to be running this offer until the end of the month for any glider on this site that is preordered before the end of 31st May. The current exchange rate is ever so slightly more favorable for us so makes it a little easier on my business account for the time being which makes a nice change. When picking a custom colour, all you have to do is call or send an email with your requirements and I’ll send back a coupon code for you to use during checkout that will remove the custom colour price from the total.

Don’t forget that subscribing to the newsletter also gives you a membership coupon code that can be used with most of the items on the site so in conjunction with the free special colour offer above, this should give you a great deal. If you know anyone who is looking to upgrade, please send them to this page; that would greatly be appreciated. The site is still work in progress and something that should have been done a long time ago, so at this stage, I need all the help I can get to spread the word. It’ll help me to stay involved in the sport that I’ve dedicated most of my adult life to and help pilots with good content and information as well as really cool toys!

Cheers, Paul