The business is based in the Valleys region of South Wales in the United Kingdom. Paraventure is a Satora Limited company business owned by me, Paul Williams. I’ve been flying paragliders since 1989 of this then new sport, which makes me one of the original UK pilots. I’ve been instructing full time since 1991. I started Paraventure in 1993 and I’m Paraventure’s Chief Flying Instructor. This also makes Paraventure Wales longest established paragliding centre. I’ve personally flown hundreds of different paragliders and has seen the sport grow from its roots to what it is today. I flew my first paramotor in 1993.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve been accurately advising the correct equipment choice for the individual pilot and learnt a huge amount of information in the process. I’ve been involved in the sport full time since the very beginning so find myself in the humble position as trusted advisor to my clients. Some of them are now on their tenth gliders and still supplied by Paraventure just as I did back in 1993. I believe that I can continue to build excellent relationships with new and existing clients and they will think of me first when they have a paragliding ‘problem’ that needs to be solved. In 2017, I decided that there was a need for an equipment resource and review site and this website was born. I am at the end of the phone for free advice as I have been for over 20 years.

Good Flying, Paul


I have always been grateful for the professionalism and complete dedication Paul has for so many years shown to the sport and all those that join it.

Piers Brittain

A more honest and genuine guy with an amazing skill set you would be hard pressed to find. It says it all that if I need advice or equipment he is still the first person I turn to.

Neil Parry

Paul is always well versed in matters of paragliding. His drive and commitment is obvious, even after all these years.

Vic Middleton

I and my wife trained with Paul at Paraventure in the early days. We went on his first guided holiday to Chamonix. He was then and remains to this day, a very professional friendly and trustworthy business.

Alan Maguire

Learnt to fly with Paraventure over ten years ago. Since then Paul has continuously given me support and advice above and beyond any normal service. Once you join Paraventure's family you never leave. Amazing value for money, top service and top bloke!

Pat Palmer

I have been dealing with Paul for the last 3 years and have relied on his advice on Glider selection and becoming a better pilot.Paul will not see you wrong. His advice is always appropriate and to the point, he tells you what he thinks you are doing wrong and gets you to do it right.

Chris Traher

Pauls overall ethos and attitude toward safety is indeed exemplary, in my opinion, second to none. The other little bonus if you will, is Team Paraventure, a brotherhood of sorts, an extended family of like minded flyers and friends always there to offer support and encouragement, a facet coveted by other schools and students alike, some more than others, but then as it is now, they have many rivals but no real competition!

Julien Lawrence

Trained with PV over 15 years ago and still feel very much part of their little PG family after all this time. Paul is always on hand for advice on equipment, the weather and where everyones is gathering for a days flying. PV has played a big part in my PG career to date, have had a great many flying days and trips away with them and look forward to many more.

Gareth Griffin

Although it is a business with the obvious aim to earn a living, I am constantly amazed how much time and effort is made to continually support pilots with advice on all aspects of the sport.

Bob Shortland

A real club atmosphere exists with the Paraventure Facebook group, find out where's flyable and arrange to meet up with fellow ex students and experienced pilots alike.

Duncan Fryer

Very knowledgeable and experienced paragliding guru. Highly recommended !!! Mark Helm

Mark Helm

Wouldn't even consider buying new equipment without their advice.

Jamie Roper

If Carlsberg made a paragliding group this would be it!

Richard Worth

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