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Our sport for many years has been pretty oversupplied, to say the least, considering how few of us worldwide actually paraglide and paramotor. So how do you cut down your shortlist when so much is available? Actually, around 80% of the equipment sales go to 20% of the manufacturers and there will be reasons for this. These will be the items that pilots talk about and are impressed. They share their opinions and let their friends have a go. The word spreads and the manufacturer has a winning product on their hands. Often it seems, these winners only seem to come from the larger players but this should be no surprise considering that they have the largest research and development budgets. But this is not always the case. Even the tiniest of companies have come up with some real gems. It is the intention of this site to also feature the smaller manufacturers and offer them a bite of the cherry. Some of these manufacturers have brilliant designers who help to push our sport forward so it is only right that they are featured whenever possible.

Buying Guides

In each category, you will be able to find detailed information and buyers guides into what you are looking at. Most of the info is written by myself, Paul Williams. I’ve been flying since 1989 and been a Chief Instructor of a full time flying school since 1993. I basically have a lot of experience in both the sports of paragliding and paramotoring. If there is anything that you don’t understand, you are encouraged to make contact so more detailed info can be given.


I hope that this site will be of help to all pilots of paragliders and paramotors. I am also looking for people to write short reviews on any of the items that they may own. This will be of great help to everyone to be able to build up a good picture of what is currently on the market and will allow pilots to be able to differentiate the ordinary from the extraordinary. If you have any advice that you think would improve this website, please don’t hesitate to send an email to me from the contact page. The aim over the next couple of years is to make this the ‘go to’ site whenever anyone needs to get the information on any particular piece of equipment; your input and reviews will make this happen. If you are a blogger and think that you may have something to contribute, I will be delighted to be able to publish your work on this site.

Good Flying, Paul Williams